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Umineko EP2-EP5 ~ Red Truth 10/09/2009

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what4aOk, o screen foi editado mas pelos vistos isto é mesmo dito no EP5 X’D

só não sei em que circunstâncias…

*isto é referência à famosa frase do Shirou no anime de Fate/ Stay Night xD*

Anyway, encontrei um site que tem a verdade vermelha de todos os jogos até agora, incluindo do EP5.

Vou passar para aqui a verdade do EP5 mas encontra-se tudo aqui.

Escusado será dizer que são SPOILERS, né?

Estão escritos em inglês, já agora, tirando os que não estão traduzidos e continuam em japonês…:

End of the Golden Witch

Not yet translated. Note that these have been taken directly from the script file, and are heavily out of context.

  • Kinzo is already dead, right?
  • Grandpa is dead at this point in time.
  • As long as this game isn’t settled, you will never be released from it.
  • Because Natsuhi is there, drinking black tea all alone.
  • Furudo Erika will declare that she is the detective.
  • The detective is not the culprit. No evidence of any sort is needed to prove it.
  • The original text has an exceptions clause, but this time I’m declaring “the detective isn’t the culprit” in red, so you shouldn’t think about exceptions.
  • Furudo Erika is not the culprit.
  • Furudo Erika has not influenced the game up to this point.
  • She did not exist in the world up to this point, nor did she influence it.
  • Furudo Erika only increased the head count by one. Not counting her, the number of people on the island is exactly the same as in the preceding games.
  • In short, it means that the number of people in this drawing room now is the number of all people on the island.
  • This mountain of gold is the real deal. The ingots stored here are all genuine pure gold! There are absolutely no trickeries, like replicas or imitations!!
  • From someone solving the epitaph, this child will not gain anything.
  • …First of all, the gold in the Golden Land originally belongs to this child. There was no need to have it found, nor the need to take it; there is nothing.
  • May the riddle of the epitaph be solved or unsolved, there is nothing for this child to gain.
  • Whether the epitaph is to be solved or unsolved, Beato wouldn’t gain something from it.
  • Battler-kun is not the culprit. Battler-kun has not killed anyone. This is something that can be said for all games.
  • Her goal was not to have you taste fear. It was not for seeking revenge on someone, either.
  • Beato did not commit the murders for enjoyment.
  • The detective’s privilege. …The detective has the right to examine all scenes. Please back away from there, Ushiromiya Battler. This is a proper right in the game, recognized by the human side.
  • It’s because I’m the detective.
  • May I offer to repeat that from 23 o’clock last night to now, the door of the study room was not even opened once.
  • Let it be known that all of the windows were locked!
  • Hidden doors are not allowed to exist in this room.
  • Rule 3 of Knox. The existence of secret passages is prohibited.
  • It has already been completely denied in red. The door of the study room was not even opened once after 23 o’clock.
  • Such drugs do not exist. They cannot exist.
  • Such machinery do not exist. They are not allowed to exist.
  • I repeat. In the name of God, such drugs and machinery are not allowed to exist. For all eternity, He will not allow their existence.
  • May I humbly say that the “Kinzo” whom Natsuhi refers to does not mean anyone besides Ushiromiya Kinzo.
  • Let it be that Natsuhi claims she was with Kinzo in person in the study room at 23 o’clock!
  • Search was complete.
  • Search was complete.
  • Search was complete. Was complete. Was complete.
  • Was complete was complete was complete. Was was was complete complete complete, was was was was was was was was complete complete complete complete complete complete complete complete, Die The death! Sentence to death! Great equalizer is The Death!!
    (^ este aqui eu sei que é real porque vi o screen quando joguei… Por mais inacreditável que seja, a Dlanor disse mesmo isto O_o e a parte “Die The Death! Sentence to death! Great equalizer is The Death” estava em inglês…)
  • 夏妃に不審に思われずして、扉より出ること叶わぬ
  • 夏妃は扉の開く音、在室中に聞くことはなかりけり
  • 扉より金蔵が出入ること、叶わぬものなり。
  • 窓は内より閉ざされ、また、夏妃が金蔵を逃したることもなし…!!
  • The window was closed by inside.
  • Knox´s 8th Commandment. Hidden clues must not exist.
  • 書斎に入った時、その構造について、はっきりと言及してるぜ。
  • Its good to call Kinzo´s Study a separate complex in the mansion.
  • A study. A library. A bedroom. And also a bathroom. Therefore, its a separated complex.
  • Kinzo is dead at the start of all games.
  • Knox´s 2nd commandment. The detective must not have an extraordinary and intuitive reasoning.
  • The window was already closed when started to rain.
  • Kinzo doesnt exists.
  • Before the family conference, Erika, George, Jessica, Maria, Nanjo, Gohda and Kumasawa, exited the mansion, and headed to the guesthouse.
  • The remaining ones, Natsuhi, Krauss and Genji, three people, were in the second floor in the mansion, the rest were in the dining hall.
  • Krauss, Natsuhi and Genji, three people, didnt deliver that letter!
  • From the people inside the dining hall no one-, no, I dont even need to say this.
  • 24時の時点で屋敷内にいた誰一人! あの手紙を廊下に置いた者はいないわ。
  • Krauss, Natsuhi, and Genji, three people, didnt knock!
  • これは、扉だけはノックしていないという、限定的な意味じゃないわよ? 音が伝わる柱だろうと録音したカセットテープの再生ボタンだろうと、そのノック音を生み出したことは断じてないという意味! 無論、直接的にも間接的にも、意図的にも偶発的にも、無意識的にもね!
  • At 24:00 PM, the only people that were in the second floor were Krauss, Natsuhi and Genji, and the rest of the people were in the dining hall, apart from them, no other person existed in the mansion!
  • 蔵臼、夏妃、源次の3人に加え、食堂の全員もまた、ノックしていないこと、申し上げる。このノックとは、ノック音を生み出す、直接的、間接的、意図的、無意識的、偶発的な全てを含めるものなり。
  • つまり、屋敷にいた人物全員が、ノック音の発生源とは成り得ない、という意味デス。……そしてこの“全員”とは、誰も把握していない、観測されていない人物であったとしても含みマス。
  • Inside the mansion, the person that delivered the letter wasnt there.
  • 屋敷内の誰一人、手紙を廊下に置いた者はいない。それは直接的、間接的、意図的、偶発的、無意識的、全ての概念でよ。
  • At 24:00 PM, the people that existed outside the mansion were Erika, George, Jessica, Maria, Nanjo, Gohda and Kumasawa.
  • 廊下天井に手紙が存在したことはなきなりや。
  • 配膳車に手紙が触れたことはなきと知り給え。
  • 屋敷以外の全員は、親族会議開始後、屋敷内にて何を行なうことも不可能なり。
  • All the people recognized a knock.
  • ノック音を誤認しない、ということはつまり。ノック音によく似た他の音を、ノッ ク音と勘違いしたりはしない、ということよ。柱を叩くとノックに似た音がする、なんてのもアウト。ノック音をカセットテープに録音したとしても、それはも はや“ノック音を録音したテープの音”であって、ノック音ではない。だからこれもアウト!
  • つまり、実際にあの扉を叩いたノック音を、全員は正確に識別し、絶対に聞き間違えないということよ。あの扉を直接叩く以外のあらゆる音を、ノックと誤解することは絶対にありないということ!!
  • The knock was made with a person hitting the door with his hand
  • If you dont recognize that it was made with a person´s hand, uffufufufufufufufu!!
  • The clock´s 24:00 PM bell sounded with the knock, and all the people inside the dining hall recognized it!
  • Therefore, there was no person that didnt recognize the knock sound.
  • Krauss, Natsuhi and Genji, three people, didnt that knock.
  • Apart from the people above, no one else existed in the mansion.
  • But the knock, was made with someone standing in front the door, and knocking it wis his/her hand。
  • George´s, Maria´s, Jessica´s, Rosa´s, and Genji´s death are obvious for anyone who sees them.
  • Certainly, anyone could see that they are dead with just looking at them.
  • People die when they are killed (LOL, a joke XD)
  • I´ve only told that I like autumn to Shannon!
  • Kumasawa, since she went to the guesthouse, didnt go to the second floor until the morning
  • Gohda, since he went to the guesthouse, didnt go to the second floor until the morning.
  • In the guesthouse, at 24:00 PM, Geoge, Jessica, and Maria were still alive.
  • There are rooms in the second floor.
  • Nanjo, Gohda and Kumasawa were in the first floor.
  • George, Jessica, Maria, Rosa and Genji, five people, are dead。Cant you understand that I went for their necks?
  • At 24:00 PM in the mansion´s hallway were Natsuhi, Krauss and Genji.
  • The rest were at the dining hall.
  • Therefore, in this point, the killer still didnt make a move, and Genji still lived.
  • Since 1:00 AM until 3:00 AM, Erika, Gohda, and Nanjo were at the guesthouse´s first floor
  • Since 24:00 PM, Erika was with Doctor Nanjo all the time.
  • あなたの封印も赤き真実も完璧よ。
  • Nanjo was with Erika all the time untill 3:00 AM, therefore, he has an alibi.
  • Since 3:00 AM until the morning, he didnt got out from his room.
  • Ushiromiya Battler slept in the room since he entered until the morning, therefore he didnt nothing.
  • Therefore, nor Ushiromiya Battler nor the killer got the chance to kill them in that period of time-
  • ゲストハウス2階へは、ラウンジにいた人物に知られずに至ることは不可能。
  • ゲストハウス2階へは、ラウンジを通過しない限り至ることは出来ず、ラウンジにいたヱリカに知られずに至ることは不可能!
  • At 24:00PM, in the mansion´s second floor´s hallway were Krauss, Natsuhi and Genji.
  • The rest of the people were in the 1st floor´s dining hall.
  • From the people that were in the dining hall, until 1:00 AM, no one exited the room.
  • With the red truth, there is no need for me to proof that they never exited the discussion room!!
  • After Genji placed down the reciever, he didnt go out from the office.
  • Eva placed a receipt in Genji´s office, sealing it, and in the morning, Kanon and Kumasawa broke the seal.
  • The ones who exited the dining hall in the 1:00 AM break, were Eva and Rosa.
  • Until Eva came back, all of the dining´s hall people were there the whole time.
  • After Eva saw Rosa departing, she went to the office, and pasted the receipt.
  • 無論、その際に室内には一切立ち入っていないわ。
  • Ushiromiya Natsuhi isnt the culprit.
  • Ushiromiya Krauss isnt the culprit.
  • Natsuhi, when did Kinzo said that the One Winged Eagle was engraved in your heart?
  • Werent those the words of the Kinzo
  • He didnt say it even once in his entire life!
  • You knew it too from the bottom of your heart and
  • He never thought once allowing you to use the family crest
  • The real Kinzo never said that. Dissapear. The Kinzo that enlightened Natsuhi、the one who was always with Natsuhi, the Kinzo from Natsuhi´s delusions!
  • 哀れな女。右代宮金蔵の信頼を、生涯、得られなかった真実を、今こそ正視しなさい。
  • 以上により、封印の完全性は保証されマシタ。
  • Miss Erika´s marks were not removed by anyone, and she cant be mistaken!
  • Eva´s receipt and Erika´s marks work the same.
  • This way of acting is because, Eva and Miss Erika thought it together.
  • All the recipes dont leave any mark behind.
  • There´s no doubt about the recipes efficacy!
  • ヱリカと絵羽の全ての封印には、剥がすなどの、封印の機能を損なわせる一切の工作はなかった。
  • Knox´s 3rd Commandment.
  • ミス・ヱリカは探偵として全ての侵入口を封印していマス。
  • The passages that in which the detective cant enter are secret passages.
  • But, there´s no hidden passage that cant be detected by Miss Erika!
  • The notes of the rounds of Lady Erika were perfect.
  • A chance for an error didnt occur even in a single second.
  • In the middle of the rounds, Rosa went to the second floor!
  • Knox´s 10th Commandment. The existence of twins or duplicates can only exist if the reader is warned beforehand.
  • Theres no person that could pass for Ushiromiya Rosa!
  • Erika recognizes that she didnt bring something hidden!
  • Knox´s 1st Commandment。The criminal must be mentioned earlier in the story but must not be someone whose thoughts the reader has been allowed to see!!
  • Knox´s 4th Commandment. Undiscovered poisons or method of murders are forbidden!!
  • ノックス第8条。提示されない手掛かりでの解決を禁ズ!!
  • ノックス第6条。探偵方法に偶然と第六感の使用を禁ズ!!
  • ノックス第7条。探偵が犯人であることを禁ズ!!
  • ノックス第8条。提示されない手掛かりでの解決を禁ズ!!
  • ノックス第9条。観測者は自分の判断・解釈を主張することが許さレル!
  • ノックス第8条。提示されない手掛かりでの解決を禁ズ!!
  • All the dead were murdered by others.
  • All the deads cant be mistaken.
  • 登場人物以外の死体は登場しない
  • The red truth is the red truth, I dont need any proof to back it.
  • 右代宮夏妃は犯人にあらずッ!!!
  • Knox´s 2nd Commandment. The detective must not have an out of common and very intuitive reasoning.
  • それではこれにて、当法廷は閉廷デス。
  • Kinzo is dead.
  • Since 24:00 PM until the morning, Kinzo was in the same room all the time.
  • Kinzo wasnt in someplace outside the mansion.
  • Kinzo wasnt outside the mansion.
  • Kinzo isnt outside the mansion. He isnt in the garden. He isnt in the third floor. He isnt in the first floor.。Therefore, if we consider Kinzo´s whereabouts, the second floor pops out.
  • If we exclude Natsuhi´s room, Kinzo isnt anywhere.
  • 24時から朝までの一晩、生きた金蔵は、夏妃の部屋を除く全ての場所に存在しない!!
  • 24時から朝までの一晩。生きた金蔵の存在する余地は、あなたのベッドの中以外に、存在しない。
  • 24時から朝までの一晩。生きた金蔵の存在する余地は、夏妃のベッドの中以外に存在しない。
  • The real Kinzo never tried to protect his honor, nor he told Natsuhi to do it.
  • Beato, for you to solve this game, revealed the secret.
  • Beato, for me to solve the game, revealed the secret.
  • Beato, for me to solve the game, revealed the secret.
  • I can construct a reasoning in which Natsuhi isnt the culprit.
  • I have the power to expose a different truth!!
  • Knox´s first commandment. The culprit must be someone that appears in the history and not someone from outside. In this fifth game, the unknown man cant be the culprit…!!
  • Knox´s 8th Commandment. The mistery cant be solved with unknown clues.
  • In the fourth game, I was told in red that my mother isnt Asumu.
  • The first´s game´s grandfather´s dissapereance trend repeats.
  • In this game, my birth´s circumstances havent been revealed.
  • In that hour, you were all the time in the guesthouse´s dinning hall!!
  • The murder didnt ocurred specifically from 24:00 PM until 1:00 AM
  • Since 1:00 AM until the bodies are discovered, the culprit couldnt commit the murder!!
  • Knox´s 8th Commandment.
  • I recognize the corpses of the 4 people in this room. Im recognizin them. Its the privilege of saying it in red truth…!!
  • Since this court started, Lady Lambdadelta has been saying it.
  • ………At the start of all games, Ushiromiya Kinzo is already dead!
  • After George´s death, the corpse wasnt moved! ( It continues for all of the first twilight)
  • 朱志香は死後、遺体は一切、移動されていない!
  • 真里亞は死後、遺体は一切、移動されていない!
  • 楼座は死後、遺体は一切、移動されていない!
  • 源次は死後、遺体は一切、移動されていない!
  • 蔵臼は死後、遺体は一切、移動されていない!
  • Then, after the corpses were discovered, they didnt move!!
  • Knox´s 2nd Commandment!!The detective must not use intuition instead of logic!金蔵の死を、赤き真実で示すならば、それを構築するニンゲンの真実、証拠の提示を求めマス…!
  • 証拠提示。右代宮金蔵と識別可能な遺体を提示する…!!
  • この閉ざされた六軒島では、この死体が祖父さまのものだと示せる客観的な方法はない。
  • 以上により、祖父さまの不在は証明され、
  • 夏妃伯母さんの、祖父さまを巡る不名誉は返上されるッ!!
  • 夏妃伯母さんは純潔にして貞淑だ!
  • 貴様ら好みの下劣な物語は許さないッ!!
  • さらに。これまでの死者全員の死亡時間に疑義が生じる以上、夏妃伯母さん以外全員のアリバイは白紙に戻る…!!
  • もはや、夏妃伯母さん以外に犯行が不可能であるとの論法は通用しないッ!!
  • されどあなたは、いとこ部屋にて、誤認不可能な遺体を確認されておりマス…!それが虚偽であったと仰るのデスカ?! …ノックス第7条、探偵が犯人であることを禁ズ!!
  • 探偵は古戸ヱリカだぜ、今回の俺は探偵じゃない!!
  • そしてノックス第9条、観測者は自分の判断・解釈を主張することが許される…!!
  • ノックス第8条、提示されない手掛かりでの解決を禁ズ!これまでのあなたは探偵デシタ!そのあなたが今回は探偵でなく、私見を交える観測者であったことは示されていたのデスカ!!それがない限り、あなたには主観を偽る権利はありマセンッ!!
  • 俺は今回のゲームで!碑文の謎の仕掛けを解いた時。 祖父さまを目撃している。 ……すでに赤で示されている通り、祖父さまは存在しない。その目撃は不可能だ! よって俺の視点に客観性がないことはすでに示されているッ!!
  • 第4のゲームにてベアトが示した赤き真実!! 全ての人物は右代宮金蔵を見間違わないッ!
  • つまり、この島では、祖父さまのふりはもちろん、祖父さまに見間違うような一切の現象は、“絶対に通用しないのだ”。
  • 風雨になびくシートを見間違え、それを何であったと誤認して語るのも、ノックス第9条の権利だ。……しかしッ! 祖父さまだと誤認することだけは、赤き真実において、本ゲームでは許されていないッ!!


1. Lex_Battler - 10/09/2009

ahgh !!! Red truth !! Spoilers !! My mortal enemies !!

*goes hide from the red truth and red spoilers DX *

sorry não lí nada deste post odeio spoilers xD mas tenho certeza q será útil depois q eu ler o ep05 ^^

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