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Umineko 08 ~ Red Truth 26/08/2009

Posted by vandakiara in Anime, Umineko No Naku Koro Ni (anime).
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1250700667813Okok peço desculpa por não ter dito nada antes mas também tenho uma vida e estive longe da net na última semana ;_;

Não vou fazer mais resumos de episódios subbed porque agora começam os spoilers big time e então é melhor ficar pelos posts dos RAWs com aquelas descrições que pelos vistos os meus leitores tanto gostam


Já agora, os episódios encontram-se subbed e para download:

– em inglês, nos SEACATS (quality subs) ou nas gg subs (speed subs)

– em português do brasil nas Tea Party Fansubs


Em vez disso, depois dos posts de RAWs, posto uma lista de red truth de cada episódio em inglês e japonês e a sua comparação com os do jogo.

Essa lista não é feita por mim, mas pelo Klashikari nesta thread. Eu limito-me a copiar para aqui.

Portanto, lista deste episódio incluindo o que estava no jogo e cortaram (-.- estúpidos… podem cortar tudo menos a verdade… Isso não se faz simplesmente):


Context: Meta Battler complains there is not enough information for him to figure how the first twilight occured in Episode 2. So any blunt trick like a duplicated key or secret passage can do it, and the devil’s proof supplement this idea, which is an evasive answer according to Beatrice, so…

Beatrice: From now on, when I speak the truth, that sentence will be shown in red letters
original jp: これから先、妾が真実を語る場合は、赤い文字でその文章を示す


Beatrice: So from now on, when I speak the truth, I will use red.
original jp: 真実を語る時、赤を使うことにする

Meta Battler: “Wh, what is this……?! Keep explaining!”

Beatrice: “No matter what magic move I use, you can always keep running away by repeating ‘lack of information’ and ‘denying the basis.”

Beatrice: “…Even though I would still win in the end that way, it would be extremely boring. ……Because of that, I think I’ll give you that ‘information’ and ‘basis’ that you want.”

Beatrice: “However, you’ll probably doubt each word I say. That isn’t bad in itself. I also will use every possible move to make you submit. I don’t dislike our posture of searching out the best moves for ourselves.”

Beatrice: “……But that won’t make a game. So I set up this rule.”

Beatrice: “Everything I speak in red is the truth! There’s absolutely no need to doubt it!”
original jp: 妾が赤で語ることは全て真実!

Meta Battler: “Are you telling me to believe that…?!”

Beatrice: “This is a game between you and me. In a game, the rules are sacred!! Those who take that lightly are not qualified to play!!”

Meta Battler: “Alright, I got it, I’ll accept that rule!! Even an elementary school kid can get into an endless argument and find fault with everything. […]”


Context: Meta Battler wants confirmation regarding how the first six entered in the chapel.

Beatrice: Regardless of whether they were living or dead, the six people definitely entered through the door
original jp: 生きていたか死んでいたかはさておき、人は確かに扉から入った


original jp: 生死は捨て置く。6人は確かに扉から入った

Note: the original japanese is different, but the meaning is the same.


Context: Meta Battler believes the culprit has made a copy of the key of the chapel.

Beatrice: There’s only one key to the chapel
original jp: 礼拝堂の鍵は一本しか存在しない

Note: the statement is identical in the game.


Context: Meta Battler believes the culprit lockpicked the lock instead of using a key.

Beatrice: It’s impossible to lock or unlock the door to the chapel without the chapel’s key!
original jp: 礼拝堂の扉は礼拝堂の鍵以外では施錠も開錠も不可能!


original jp: 礼拝堂の施錠は礼拝堂の鍵以外では開錠不可能!
Translation: It is impossible to unlock the lock to the chapel without the chapel’s key!


Context: Meta Battler believes the culprit gave a fake key to Maria, then once they locked the chapel, they swapped the fake key in Maria’s envelope with the real key.

Beatrice: The key to the chapel truly was the object inside the envelope I gave Maria
original jp: 妾が真里亞に預けた封筒の中身は確かに礼拝堂の鍵であった

original jp: 妾が真里亞に預けた封筒の中身は、確かに礼拝堂の鍵だった

Note: the original japanese is different, but the meaning is the same.


Missing red statements that are in the game:

Context: Meta Battler believes someone can still go through even if the door is locked. For instance, if the door has another smaller door in itself (like in a castle), it would be effective.

Meta Battler: “Then what about this!! There’s something wrong with the door itself! Even while it is locked, there was some way to pass through it…! As to what that is, I can think of a few ways! Maybe like on the big doors to a castle which have a smaller door on them, there was another door here! It’s also possible that they removed the hinges, and then removed the whole door before entering!!”

Beatrice: “Wahahahahahahahahahaha! Is this the intelligence of a hundred years of humanity, Battleeeeeeer?! When the door to the chapel is locked, it prevents any and all methods of entry or exit!! As long as you can’t use magic, right…? *cackle*! Is it about time for checkmate?!
original jp: 礼拝堂の扉は、施錠時には如何なる方法での出入りも拒む!!


Context: Meta Battler argues Beatrice didn’t specify which door.

Meta Battler: “Not even close!! You said that the six people entered through a door, but you didn’t say it was the front door! They might have entered through another secret door!!”

Beatrice: “You talk too much, you incompetent fool. Then let me advance more on my earlier move. Six people definitely entered through ‘this front door’!!
original jp: 6人は確かに“この正面扉”から入った!!


Context: Meta Battler was actually cornering Beatrice before she stated what Maria received in her envelope was really the key of the chapel.

Meta Battler: “[…] ……There was a fake inside the envelope that was handed to Maria.”
Beatrice: “…If you think about what you’re saying, it’s ridiculous. This morning, Rosa definitely took an envelope out of Maria’s handbag, and thereby obtained the genuine key to the chapel. …It wasn’t a fake, as you say.”
original jp:楼座は今朝、確かに真里亞の手提げの中から封筒を取り出し、そこから正真正銘の礼拝堂の鍵を手 に入れたぞ


Context: After Beatrice declared that the genuine key was in Maria’s envelope when she gave it, Meta Battler pressed on the fact that the culprit could still get the key then put it back. Beatrice’s “counter” goes like this.

Beatrice: “N, ……not yet. I remove the check… …The envelope with the key in it should have been sealed with wax…! Rosa took it from an unopened envelope…”

Meta Battler: “Really, then try saying it!! Repeat it!! ‘The envelope handed over midday yesterday and the envelope that Rosa oba-san opened are the same thing’.”

Beatrice: “Th, that I can repeat. The letter that I handed over to Maria and the one Rosa opened are the same thing!!
original jp: 妾が真里亞に渡した封筒と、楼座が開封した封筒は同一のものであるぞ!!

However, Meta Battler figured out that the envelope doesnt’ matter since you can always put again the wax seal. So he manages to get the upper hand, as Beatrice isn’t able to repeat his request as follow:

“‘The key to the chapel inside the envelope Maria received wasn’t used even once until Rosa oba-san opened the envelope’!!”



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