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Umineko 05 ~ Bern =/= Rika 03/08/2009

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https://darenome.files.wordpress.com/2009/08/7febdb152e26203fad1a56508fcf6608.jpgThe culprit D: (Para quem não percebe a piada. Umi – Sea, Neko – cat. –> Seacat – gato do mar… yeah)

*ahem* atrasei-me ainda mais que o habitual… A entrada para a faculdade está a endoidecer-me, gomen T__T

torrent em .mkv (gg subs)

Ok, então. Resumo por tópicos (e desta vez é mais sério. Inclui coisas do jogo que não foram apresentadas no anime):

– Os jovens ficam presos na sala enquanto a Natsuhi vai lutar contra um retrato a Beatrice

– Natsuhi morre

– Chega o último Twilight, toca a meia noite e a Beatrice aparece… ou não (hei, ninguém sabe)

– Vê-se que a Maria deixou uma carta para pedir que resolvam o mistério. Mas o anime não incluiu o mais importante: o Ending Scroll. Deixo aqui em inglês:

The storm passed, ……and the leaden clouds that had enshrouded the island for so long cleared away.
From the rifts between the clouds, sun beams shone, …..and yesterday’s storm seemed like a lie.

In the harbour, just as someone had wished, the seagulls returned once again and let their lively cries be heard.

Afterwards, policemen came, and performed an inspection of the crime scene.

The corpses of the children, who were thought to have survived until the end, were not found after all, but from the pieces of the corpses that were found in that unimaginable gruesome crime scene, the police had no choice but to conclude hopelessly that the lives of all eighteen people, including the children, were lost…

How gruesome was the banquet of the witch?
Only they could tell the tale of how beautiful a place the Golden Land was…
Those who came after the banquet had ended couldn’t tell of any tale. They could only imagine what had happened during those two days.

However, …the witch was fickle.
She dared to leave this tale that had no need of telling behind,
and allow it to be told.

Then, many years later.
A strange wine bottle that had drifted on the waves to the pier of a neighbouring island was pulled out by a fisherman.

Inside it was a thin, tightly rolled notebook fragment, written upon in crammed small letters.

That was,…………this tale.
People will know for the first time, through this notebook fragment, the enigma of the mystery-enshrouded October the 4th 1986, and the truth of those two days filled with strangeness.

This incident was later called “The Rokkenjima Mass Murder Incident”, “The Rokkenjima Eighteen Murders” or such, but connoisseurs of the world came to refer to it as “The Witch’s Legend Serial Murders Incident”.

People who delved in the occult claimed that it was the aftermath of a corrupt ritual that had sealed the island, and as the story spread, the two days filled with mystery were embellished and twisted beyond recognition with each retelling.

However, even with all their interpretations, they will not be the ones to reach the truth of this incident.

And even though the notebook fragment in the wine bottle tells of this incident filled with mystery, it doesn’t tell the whole truth.

That’s right, …perhaps not even the writer of the notebook knew the truth.

……It’s possible that she wanted to know the truth.

According to the name written down,…her name is Ushiromiya Maria.

Furthermore, as the result of an all-out police investigation, concerning Maria, a body part, …a piece of her jaw was found. It was a precious instance where they managed to identify the owner of a body part through dentist medical records.

…Since in that gruesome situation there were countless body parts whose ownership or even provenance couldn’t be determined, it can probably be said that this jaw was an extremely fortunate find.

Due to the damage done to the jaw, the police investigation concluded that any hopes for their survival were extremely dim, even though no other parts were discovered or identified.

And so, let us tie this tale to the last sentence of the notebook fragment that Ushiromiya Maria left.

By the time you have read this, I will probably be dead.
Although there may or may not be a body.
You who have read this. Please find out the truth.
That’s my only wish.

Ushiromiya Maria

The truth of “The Witch’s Legend Serial Murders Incident” has not been brought to light even today.

1st Game “Legend of the golden witch” Result

Ushiromiya Krauss
Died at the first twilight.
Chosen by the key of the Golden Land, offered up as a sacrifice.

Ushiromiya Rudolf
Died at the first twilight.
Chosen by the key of the Golden Land, offered up as a sacrifice.

Ushiromiya Kyrie
Died at the first twilight.
Chosen by the key of the Golden Land, offered up as a sacrifice.

Ushiromiya Rosa
Died at the first twilight.
Chosen by the key of the Golden Land, offered up as a sacrifice.

Servant Shannon
Died at the first twilight.
Chosen by the key of the Golden Land, offered up as a sacrifice.

Servant Gohda
Died at the first twilight.
Chosen by the key of the Golden Land, offered up as a sacrifice.

Ushiromiya Eva
Died at the second twilight.
Pierced through the forehead by the ‘Stake of Asmodeus’.

Ushiromiya Hideyoshi
Died at the second twilight.
Pierced through the forehead by the ‘Stake of Beelzebub’.

Ushiromiya Kinzo
Died at the fourth twilight.
Forehead gouged by the ‘Stake of Mammon’.

Servant Kanon
Died at the fifth twilight.
Chest gouged by the ‘Stake of Satan’.

Servant Genji
Died at the sixth twilight.
Stomach gouged by the ‘Stake of Lucifer’.

Attending Physician Nanjo
Died at the seventh twilight.
Knee gouged by the ‘Stake of Belphegor’.

Servant Kumasawa
Died at the eighth twilight.
Leg gouged by the ‘Stake of Leviathan’.

The Witch Beatrice
Revived at the ninth twilight.
She finally opens the door of the Golden Land.

Ushiromiya Natsuhi
Died at the ninth twilight.
The witch praised her nobility, and granted her the honor of a duel.

Ushiromiya George
Missing on the tenth twilight.
The witch, whose existence he recognized and whom he prostrated himself before, beckoned him to the Golden Land.

Ushiromiya Jessica

Missing on the tenth twilight.
The witch, whose existence she recognized and whom she prostrated herself before, beckoned her to the Golden Land.

Ushiromiya Maria
Missing on the tenth twilight.
The witch, whose existence she recognized and whom she prostrated herself before, beckoned her to the Golden Land.

Ushiromiya Battler
Missing on the tenth twilight.
Would the witch beckon he who did not recognize her existence and denied her to the Golden Land?

The witch will praise the wise, and should bestow four treasures in the Golden Land.
There, they should resurrect the souls of the dead, resurrect the love that was lost.
For, if what they desired were even a mountain of gold, it was not
something for them to obtain.

For George it was the fiancee he lost.
For Jessica it was the person in her thoughts she lost.
For Maria it was the love of her mother she lost.

Sleep peacefully, Beatrice.
A sleep from which no one shall disturb you again.

The winner is the Golden Witch, Beatrice.
All the eighteen people’s time ran out before
the riddle of the gold was solved.
All eighteen people are dead.
When the Seagulls cry, there are no survivors.

Umineko no Naku Koro Ni
07th Expansion presents. Welcome to Rokkenjima
When they cry 3

-A 2ª parte foi a mais confusa para muitas pessoas que só vêem o anime. Alguém devia ter escrito ‘Purgatorio’ nalgum sítio. O que vêem é uma Tea Party, supostamente na Golden Land. É por isso que estão todos vivos de novo (well, todos não. Mas também não faço ideia porque é que os adultos não estão lá)

– A 3ª parte é a Tea Party das witches também conhecida como “????” nos jogos. (É exactamente assim)

– Para quem viu Higurashi, a Bernkastel não é a Rika. Ela nasceu da Rika mas não é ela. Talvez este clip vos ajude a compreender melhor. A Bernkastel nasceu das várias viagens da Rika. É uma mentalidade mais… adulta. Não consigo explicar. ***

E assim acaba o primeiro arco.

Preview do episódio 6 (2-1):



***Gostei da explicação do Klash (está em inglês) quanto à identidade da Bernkastel:

I believe that in Higurashi, there weren’t 2 “Rika”, but 3.
1) Furude Rika
2) Frederica Bernkastel
3) Bernkastel

The first one, Furude Rika, is what I believe is the “original Rika” of each world, the human who shall be killed if nothing is done.
Frederica Bernkastel is the entity that is the collective consciousness of all Rika who passed away, relaying the will to grasp an happiness.
And finally Bernkastel.

Why do I think there is another one? That is because Minagoroshi hinted that the “Frederica” who was remaining in the Kakera space was actually a blunt observer. As seen in the manga of Minagoroshi, or the Minagoroshi prologue from the VN, there is that “Frederica” who is narrating everything and doesn’t refer herself as a “I” but often points “Furude Rika” who is actually already “Frederica”.
Thus, this is that “second Frederica” that I believes she is Bernkastel.
Berkastel was born as well from this collective consciousness of the Rika’s, but unlike Frederica, she remained in the Kakera space as an observer, rather unconcerned by the outcome but more interested how it will go, even if it should concern her.
But since she has no “body” to go back, she is rather a sentient being that has her own definition of existence, not bound to the human, Furude Rika.

This is where I believe Bernkastel already existed. But I believe she really started to be on her own, once Frederica finally understood the meaning of “happiness” and remained in the end world as “Furude Rika”, stopping being a witch.
Since the fate of Furude Rika was solved, the sentient being, the witch, Bernkastel, has absolutely nothing to observe anymore: the girl will live for 100 years, but that’s ridiculous in the perspective of an immortal being, a witch. Of course, she just had defeated Lambdadelta in this game, so it is probably during her “birth” she encountered Lambda during many loops and both were competiting against each other. Rika’s victory was also Bernkastel’s, so nothing resulted afterwards.

Therefore, why not traveling through the kakera to find something entertaining? And this is WHERE that ending for “Higurashi Kai” came from! Bernkastel was traveling after Rika finally got her happiness. Since everyone got theirs, why not the other side, hence Tanashi Miyoko? However, there is no way for Bernkastel to “jump in the time” or it will lead to inconsistency. Hence, why not just manipulating another Kakera to give Tanashi Miyoko a happy end as well? There you go.

This is why I believe the answer for “Is Bernkastel the same as Frederica/Rika from Higurashi?” is like this:
Yes and No.
Yes because both have the same origin, Furude Rika. No because Bernkastel is an existence on her own, definitely unaffected by Rika anymore and having her own “life” as result. This is also why I believe the “Frederica” was discarded as result: that name has its root from Rika, so Bernkastel being “herself” should cut the ties of her “former self”.

This is quite important to know because it will prevent misunderstanding like Bernkastel declared already: even if her former self went through to a torture and that Battler will most likely go to the same predicament, it isn’t because of empathizing that much, especially she is NOT Rika.
Ergo, it is a very big mistake to think Bernkastel would strive the same way for Battler, she has to be considered as another person completely with a possible background that will help or NOT in such situation.
At least, it explains the power of Miracles Bernkastel possesses: her human form had to go through so many unfortunate events that it was literally a “miracle”. That is because: she was grasping the possibility against all odds. Even if her demise was fated all the time, the probability for her to gain her happiness wasn’t zero!



1. Lex_Battler - 09/08/2009

Thanks !!!!!! Good explanations !!!!!!!

2. Rosette Nightray - 13/10/2009

I was wondering if the rokkenjima witch serial murder incident was real or not

3. Rosette Nightray - 26/02/2010

aaaaah some one reply!!! its been months since i posted this!!!!!!

4. vandakiara - 27/02/2010

oh sorry, somehow I forgot to reply O.o

well I think it’s real because of the findings of the police… the way it happened though, is a different story…

5. Amv Videos - 14/03/2010

I believe that something is real but there is so much things inflated

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